The Zoom Room!!!!

Preferred Family Resource is evolving! We have caught up with the 21st century. Everyone has moved to social media and face time. Appointments are done over phones, things are ordered online and shipped right to the door.

Everything is virtual! So we thought, Why not make visitation virtual.

Parents, sometimes, are separated from their children by states. These parents have to travel farther and often get less time with their children. With the Zoom Room, we can bridge the gap. Children and parents can connect easier and more often.

PFR’s Solution for all distance situations is The Zoom Room. Virtual Supervised Visitation works just like regular visitation. Children, visiting Parent, and Monitor enter a chat room created by PFR. Parents and children play games, crafts, talk etc. Meanwhile monitors listen, watch, report, and intervene as needed.

“Can we play one more game?” We hear this phrase very often on zoom room. The activities we suggest such as virtual card games end up being so much fun that the children don’t want to end the calls. We are full of suggestions to fill your visit and make them fun and memorable as if you are in the same room.

For more information please call (770) 837-4808